What is monday.com?

what is monday.com?, monday.com features, Work OS

A SaaS-take on Spreadsheets At its core monday.com is a customizable Work Operating System (Work OS), enabling teams varying in size to collaborate on projects, create and manage workflows, and much, much more. All of the monday.com features are designed to save time and increase efficiency while remaining highly intuitive for the user. Spreadsheet lover, […]

Integrating a Power Dialer within monday.com

integrating a power dialer within monday.com, monday.com power dialer, power dialing monday.com

Power Dialing I’m sure you’re familiar with the term Power Dialing, in essence, you’re carving through your call lists efficiently and most importantly, effectively. Whether it be sales-focused, support-based, or general outreach or follow-up, getting through your call lists can be a burden when you don’t have a process to systematically go through them. That’s […]

What is Workflow Automation?

what is workflow automation?, workflow, workflows, automation workflows, automation

What is Workflow Automation? Workflow itself is a series of steps that you take to accomplish a task. With that in mind, automating a workflow would entail creating a process to do a manual tasks automatically. These automated plans are streamlined and then steps are taken to achieve that outcome without the need for a […]

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