What is Workflow Automation?

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What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow itself is a series of steps that you take to accomplish a task. With that in mind, automating a workflow would entail creating a process to do a manual tasks automatically. These automated plans are streamlined and then steps are taken to achieve that outcome without the need for a human to manually complete the steps.


Workflow automation doesn’t need a human to manually complete each step, but it still keeps the human feel by mimicking an action a person would do. This leaves a personal feel that makes your customers comfortable while you are staying 100% consistent with the recurring functions that the automation workflow creates. These recurring functions leave time for more strategizing, planning, and overall work on your team.


How does it work?

The basic principles that form an automation are “if-then” actions. For example:

  • If the customer subscribes to the newsletter, then their name is added to the mailing list.
  • If the customer clicks purchase an item, then a receipt email is sent straight to them.


Workflow automation is suitable for a wide variety of uses, but it is especially useful for small tasks, that are time consuming and mundane to complete.


Flexibility is a huge benefit of workflow automation. You can build automation processes from scratch or use pre-made building blocks such as templates. Workflow automation brings efficiency and effectiveness to your processes. Tasks are now running on their own, which frees up time for you to run and grow your business.


There are many key benefits to using workflow automation.



Workflow automation creates a defined task pathway that allows for future actions to follow the same instructions. . You can go back to your design and see what happens first and what that event triggers. That kind of consistency and clarity is key for busy workers. Automating your workflow also highly reduces manual errors. Never worry about missing a step or making a mistake because workflow automation will use its “if-then” process to make sure you are staying on track.



Invoices sent at the click of a button, emails delivered instantly, project approvals returned faster. You don’t need to sift through piles of info, because your information will all be instantly located in one place. This gives your clients high response rates that will ensure that you are putting them first.


How Do I Automate My Workflow?

There are hundreds of platforms that offer automation services. Companies see the value in it and have started advancing forward into offering the service. CarbonWeb‘s preferred platform for automating our workflows is monday.com. It has never been simpler for someone to go in and add “if-then” actions that reflect what is most important for their company.


monday.com uses Madlib style automation for their “if-then” actions, which makes it the most flexible and customizable workflow to date. CarbonWeb is partnered with monday.com, you can learn more about our partnership here. We work with them on many projects, and helps customers save time, stay organized, and keep consistent in your ever-changing business.

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