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CarbonWeb Road Map


  • Early 2015

    Our company started when two friends came together in a basement to brainstorm their vision of an ideal web development company.

  • Late 2015

    By the end of the year we created 5 sites and had 7 employees.

  • Early 2016

    With this surge in business, we decided it was time for a new office. Still wanting to keep our company local, we settled into our first office on Andrews Road.

  • Late 2016

    We soared through 2016, ending with 9 employees and over 15 sites developed!

  • Early 2017

    After helping PCRecruiter implement many job boards we decided to partner with them to benefit both of our firms.

  • Late 2017

    Seeing the connection between digital marketing and web design, we founded the marketing side of our company.

  • Early 2018

    With our office packed with employees, we decided it was time for an upgrade. This is when we moved into the larger officespace next door to ours.

  • Late 2018

    We solidified our partnership with DealEngine to expand our influence in the marketing industry.

meet the team

Jack Kubicek
Founder / CEO

Jack Kubicek is a Co-Founder of CarbonWeb. He has over six years of web development and graphic design experience. Jack personalizes customer experience by ensuring that all requests are carried out to the highest level of satisfaction.

Mitchell McLaughlin
Co-Founder / COO

As the Chief Operating Officer of CarbonWeb Mitchell oversees every project that comes into CarbonWeb. He was a Co-Founder of CarbonWeb in 2015, and is currently attending University of Cincinnati for Business.

Lars Kristensen

Lars is the Business Development Manager at CarbonWeb. He focuses on growing CarbonWeb’s network and oversees the marketing division. Lars is currently attending The Ohio State University for Electrical Engineering.

Max Brinton
Senior Web Developer

With over four years of web development experience, Max Brinton works on a wide variety of tasks at CarbonWeb such as creating websites, graphics, and more. He is currently attending The Ohio State University for Computer Science.  

Matt Berlin
Web Developer

Matt is one of the Web Developers at CarbonWeb. He has been developing websites at CarbonWeb for just over a year and primarily focuses on PCR Job Board integrations.

Ethan Gallagher

Ethan Gallagher is the trainer for CarbonWeb. He communicates with clients throughout the development of websites.

Quinn Daly
Network Supervisor

Quinn Daly monitors CarbonWeb’s digital operations as the Network Supervisor. With six years of experience in maintaining public and private servers, he oversees the “web” in CarbonWeb.

Ryan Palma
Data Entry Specialist

Ryan Palma works in the data management field here at CarbonWeb. He efficiently sorts and cleans up large amounts of data for our clients.

Miki Ristivojevic
Lead Graphic Designer
Miki Ristivojevic is the lead graphic designer here at Carbon Web Print. He focuses his attention on developing the “carbon” brand and provides graphics for clients.
Halle Buescher
Marketing Writer

Halle Buescher is the newest addition to CarbonWeb's marketing team. As marketing writer, Halle ensures that the Carbon brand presents itself through social media, newsletters and other advertisement platforms. She is currently a sophomore at Cornell University studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Roman Sorin

Roman Sorin is Carbon Web's full stack developer that handles a wide variety of coding and development tasks for internal projects or clients.  

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