Our Company


  • Early 2015

    Our company started when two friends came together in a basement to brainstorm their vision of an ideal web development company.

  • Late 2015

    By the end of the year we created 5 sites and had 7 employees.

  • Early 2016

    With this surge in business, we decided it was time for a new office. Still wanting to keep our company local, we settled into our first office on Andrews Road.

  • Late 2016

    We soared through 2016, ending with 9 employees and over 15 sites developed!

  • Early 2017

    After helping PCRecruiter implement many job boards we decided to partner with them to benefit both of our firms.

  • Late 2017

    Seeing the connection between digital marketing and web design, we founded the marketing side of our company.

  • Early 2018

    With our office packed with employees, we decided it was time for an upgrade. This is when we moved into the larger officespace next door to ours.

  • Late 2018

    We solidified our partnership with DealEngine to expand our influence in the marketing industry.

  • Early 2019

    We founded the 4th team, Concept Production Team.

  • Late 2019

    studio.carbonweb.co has been released, a new interactive forum built using react.

meet the team

Jack Kubicek
Founder / CEO

Jack founded CarbonWeb and is the CEO. Since the founding in 2015, Jack has managed all operations and resources for CarbonWeb to safeguard our productive, professional status.

Mitchell McLaughlin
Co-Founder / COO

Mitchell co-founded CarbonWeb and is currently the COO. He oversees every project that CarbonWeb undertakes to ensure maximum quality for every product and service we provide.

Lars Kristensen

Lars is the Business Development Manager at Carbonweb. He has overseen the expansion of CarbonWeb since 2016 and leads the Marketing team to ensure our clients receive top-level marketing services.

Max Brinton
Senior Developer

Max is a Senior Web Developer at Carbon Web. Since joining Carbon Web in 2016, Max has designed and developed numerous websites along with overseeing our development process from start to finish for all websites.

Tristan Hamid
Sales Representative

Tristan is a Sales Representative for CarbonWeb. He works with new and potential clients to find what they need from CarbonWeb’s vast range of products and services to ensure a smooth process. 

Carson Butcher
Marketing Associate

Carson is a Marketing Associate for CarbonWeb. He assembles resources from our Concept Production Team and designs a personalized marketing campaign that works best for each client.

Matt Berlin
Senior Web Developer

Matt is a Senior Web Developer at CarbonWeb. As CarbonWeb's PCR expert, he primarily puts his development and coding experience to use for PCR job board integrations.

Ethan Gallagher
Development Trainer

Ethan is a Development Trainer at CarbonWeb. He corresponds with clients about products and services during the development process to certify that all their needs are met and exceeded. 

Keagan Gallagher
Web Developer

Keagan is a web developer from CarbonWeb. He produces custom website content for CarbonWeb and clients to perfect their digital marketing profiles.

Matt Buck
Web Developer

Matt is a web developer for CarbonWeb. He customizes websites for CarbonWeb and clients to best meet their digital marketing needs.

Ryan Palma
Data Entry Specialist

Ryan is a Data Entry Specialist at CarbonWeb. He manages our day-to-day automation as well as collects, organizes, and presents data analytics to our clients to track the success of their digital marketing campaigns.

Quinn Tesny
Data Manager

Quinn is the Network Supervisor for Carbonweb. He oversees the server-side maintenance of CarbonWeb that make the day-to-day operations possible. 

Miki Ristivoejvic
Lead Graphic Designer

Miki is the Lead Graphic Designer at Carbonweb. He designs graphics for CarbonWeb and clients’ websites, advertisements, and social media accounts to produce attractive digital marketing campaigns.

Andrew Gallagher
CPT Writer

Andrew is the Concept Production Writer for CarbonWeb. He conducts research, creates ideas, and writes professional texts for CarbonWeb and clients to build their digital marketing campaigns.


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