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CarbonWeb aims to empower businesses to achieve their full potential through innovative solutions and automation. By combining technology and a client-focused approach, we revolutionize the way businesses operate in the modern age.

Our Process

We like to understand you, your goals, and the needs of your business before diving in. Check out our process below!

First, it's important for us to gain an understanding of your project, desired goals, and expectations.
During this time you’ll get a live experience of the solution we’ve determined to best fit your needs.
Here, our team will work with you directly to ensure your team is set up for success.
Not all solutions are exact, here we take the time to customize your solution and make the necessary adjustments.
We feel it’s important to educate your team and tool you with the proper materials to ensure the longevity of your solution.
New Project?
Not everything is a one-size-fits-all solution. We’re equipped to help you curate a plan to manage your enitre digital footprint.

Our Values


Create an inclusive space for all.


Know good software, and find it early.


Grow meaningful long-lasting relationships.


Build a team of passionate self-improvers.


Develop kick-a** solutions that are built to last.


Share our knowledge and experience.

Meet the Team


Jack Kubicek

Founder / CEO


Jack founded CarbonWeb in 2015 and serves as our CEO. Since the genesis of CarbonWeb, Jack has pushed our teams to innovate and improve as he safeguards our productive, professional status.

Skill & Certifications


Mitch McLaughlin

Founder / COO


Mitch co-founded CarbonWeb in 2015 and currently serves as the COO and interim Chief Solutions Architect. He oversees the company’s daily operations, including each project CarbonWeb undertakes to ensure maximum quality and efficacy in every solution.

Skill & Certifications


Lars Kristensen



Lars has overseen the expansion of CarbonWeb since 2016 as the Business Development Manager. As of 2020, he’s continued to support the growth and business strategy of CarbonWeb as a partner.

Carson Butcher

VP of Marketing


Carson has been with CarbonWeb since 2019 and currently serves as the VP of Marketing. He oversees the overall representation and marketing of CarbonWeb while aiding in creating digital strategies for our clients.

Skill & Certifications


Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales


Ricky has served as the VP of Sales at CarbonWeb since 2020. He oversees the client journey for all our service clients while also guiding the sales team to ensure transparency, communication, and quality solutions for all clients and partners.

Skill & Certifications


Mike Neuman

Enterprise Account Executive


Mike joined CarbonWeb in 2022 as an Enterprise Account Executive. With 20+ years of sales experience, he focuses on delivering effective digital solutions to our enterprise clients interested in digital process automation. Ask him about foraging!

Skill & Certifications


Max Brinton

Solutions Architect


Max returned to CarbonWeb in 2022 as a Solutions Architect to aid in the growth of our integrations team to create effective custom solutions for businesses seeking to automate digital processes. He previously joined CarbonWeb in 2017 as a web developer.

Skill & Certifications


Ryan Palma

Data Specialist


Ryan joined CarbonWeb in 2018 as a Data Manager and has been an integral part of managing data internally and for our clients across all our departments. He also serves a vital role in client transitions to the Work OS.

Skill & Certifications


Nahid Hasan

UI/UX, Graphic Designer


Nahid joined CarbonWeb in 2021 as a UI/UX Designer. He brings 15+ years of digital and traditional art knowledge to our team, developing online user experiences and collaborating with our marketing team to visualize the CarbonWeb story.

Skill & Certifications

Join a growing team!

We’re always searching for passionate, motivated self-starters ready to take on new challenges.

Our Partnerships

CarbonWeb's Story

The genesis

CarbonWeb started when two friends, our founders, Jack Kubicek and Mitchell McLaughlin, came together in a basement to brainstorm their vision for an ideal web development company.



Making it official

We looked back at our roots and formed our first partnership with PCRecruiter. We began implementing job boards for their clients, leading to a surge in work. It was about time we made things official and became incorporated as Carbon Web Print LLC on December 6, 2016.

Our first space

With a surge in web development clients, we decided it was time for an office. So we settled into our first office space in Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio. By the end of the year, we had seven employees and began offering social media management which started our Marketing Team.



Finding our purpose

We began to find our purpose; building a network where any company could come to us with an idea and translate that into a competently unified and well-represented brand. With our space filling up, we decided it was time for an upgrade and expanded to the office space next door.

Zeroing in on our mission

The Concept-Production Team was born working towards our mission, which opened up the initial part of our client’s journey with professional branding and content. Also, with many of our employees attending Ohio State, we opened a new space in Columbus, Ohio.



Adapt and change

This year was aiming to be our busiest yet; until business quickly slowed when COVID-19 struck. Nevertheless, we spent this time developing projects internally and enhancing our offerings. During this time, we continued growing to a team of twelve

Full steam ahead

As 2021 rolled in, we continued growing our service teams and started a brand-new Integrations team. Being a hybrid company, CarbonWeb got (almost) the whole team together for multiple team outings; to celebrate our growth and enjoy some time face to face.



The year of partnerships

We found ourselves in the new CarbonWeb HQ, neighboring our partners at PCRecruiter, while our partnership with continues to flourish, empowering us to create building blocks for businesses everywhere.

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