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We provide unique solutions that cover all the bases of digital marketing. While implementing a solution, our team supports our clients like family and strives to reduce the world’s carbon footprint.

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Our Process

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Work with your account rep to build a solution that solves your pain-points.

Meet your trainer

Trainer is there throughout the entire process and works to understand your company inside and out so that we can accurately represent it in the solution

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Our team builds out and launches your solution.

Monthly Update

Our team routinely updates you on monthly services, or will be a phone call away for any other projects.

Start your account

Work with an account rep to build a tailored solution that increases your digital presence.

Meet your trainer

Our Trainer works along your side to gather your digital vision and bring it to life.

Get Solution

The trainer expresses your vision to our team, they work to build out and launch your solution.

Ongoing Updates

Our team routinely updates you on monthly services, or will be a phone call away for any other projects.

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Our Footprint

At CarbonWeb, the love for our planet runs deep! Our roots are in nature, whether that’s sailing out at sea, skiing in the mountains, or casually enjoying the outdoor breeze. Aside from our annual beach clean-ups, we’re a paperless company thanks to the flexibility of our partner, monday.com and functionality of Dropbox. We’ve proudly supported the Arbor Day Foundation in the planting of trees and will continue to do our part in our community to spread awareness. Additionally, CarbonWeb offers exclusively digital services as part of our mission in reducing the carbon footprint. Digital marketing is one of the best ways a company can make a direct impact on reducing their carbon footprint, while also reaching their goals in a more dynamic and measurable way.

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Our Footprint

At Carbon Web, part of our mission relies on our team helping reduce the world’s Carbon footprint. While we are doing this by being a fully digital company, we
want to do asmuch as we can to help out. Every year we help clean up plastic and other waste from our local beaches and recently we have teamed up with the Arbor Day Foundation to help make donations to their Reforestation program. If you, any friends, family,or clients might be interested in taking part inthis great cause, come help out at our next beach cleanup or donate to the Arbor Day Foundation below!

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Company History

As 2021 rolled in, we continued to build-out our service teams while also starting a brand-new Integrations team. With our team growing, we set our sights on Carbon’s first official office space in Cleveland’s, Gordon Square Arts District.
As the year progressed we implemented many digital marketing solutions that helped companies adapt their strategy to the virtual state of the business world.
The first few months of 2020 were our busiest yet; however, business came to a quick stop when COVID-19 tore the
economy apart. We were lucky to keep all of our employees employed and busy with internal work.
This marked the launch of Carbon Studio, our react-based client onboarding program. Also, with many of our
employees attending the Ohio State University, we opened a new office in Columbus, Ohio.
Working towards our mission, the Concept Production Team was born which opened up the initial part of our client’s
journey with professional logos, graphics, and content.
It was in 2018 that part of our mission is to build a network where any company can come to us with an idea and
build it into a competently unified and well-represented brand.
With our office packed with employees, we decided it was time for an upgrade. We decided to move into the larger
office next-door to ours.
By the end of 2017 we had 7 employees and began offering social media management which started our Marketing
With a surge in web development clients, we decided it was time for an office. Still wanting to keep our company
local, we settled into our first office on Andrews Road, in Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio.
We became incorporated as CarbonWeb Print LLC on December 6, 2016, and started to offer hosting which
marked the beginning of our Data-Management team.
We looked back at our roots and formed a partnership with PCRecruiter to help their clients implement their job
Our company started when two friends came together in a basement to brainstorm their vision of an ideal web
development company.
Early 2021
Late 2020
Early 2020
Late 2019
Early 2019
Late 2018
Early 2018
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Early 2017
Late 2016
Early 2016
Late 2015

Meet the Team

Jack Kubicek

Founder / CEO

Jack founded CarbonWeb and is the CEO. Since its founding in 2015, Jack has managed all operations and
resources for Carbon Web to safeguard our productive, professional status.

Mitchell McLaughlin

Co-Founder / COO

Mitch co-founded CarbonWeb and is currently the COO. He oversees every project that CarbonWeb undertakes
to ensure maximum quality for every product and service we provide.

Lars Kristensen


Lars has seen the expansion of CarbonWeb since 2016 as the business development manager. He now continues to support the growth and business strategy of CarbonWeb as a partner.

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales

Ricky is the Vice President of Sales at CarbonWeb. He is involved with every client that comes through our process and works with them to find the most fitting digital marketing solution.

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Ethan Gallagher

Sales Development Representative

Ethan focuses on business development growing leads into long term clients. He has actually worked at CarbonWeb before as a Trainer however, because he is 3rd year business student at the University of Cincinnati he has switched is focus to sales.

Carson Butcher

VP of Marketing

Carson leads the marketing team at CarbonWeb. He oversees the daily execution and performance of marketing strategies for our clients, while continuing to develop innovative marketing solutions.

Molly Adams

Trainer & SMM

Molly is a Trainer and Social Media Manager at CarbonWeb. She guides clients through our process ensuring our team exceeds expectations. She also manages our social presence and online community.

Rachit Agrawal

Full-Stack Developer

Rachit is a full-stack developer at CarbonWeb, specializing in application development. He has his Masters Degree in computer science and enjoys creating both front and backend web based applications.

Benjamin Sulka

Senior Ad Manager

Ben is our Senior Ad Manager at CarbonWeb. His focus is on implementing and managing tailored digital marketing strategies for our clients, working with them to attract their target audience.

Matt Berlin

Senior Web Developer

Matt’s focus is implementing PCR software into CarbonWeb sites. Matt works with CarbonWeb and PCR developers to ensure a excellent end product for the client.

Ryan Palma

Data Specialist

Ryan is a data specialist at CarbonWeb. He oversees our day-to-day automation, updates wordpress and
website plugins, and helps build client accounts in our report portal.

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