Information Silos in Business – A deep dive on the impact of information silos.

Why are Information Silos such a big deal? Information silos can be a pain and cause a lot of strain on a business. Like to a leaky pipe, the longer your silos goes unmitigated, the more spread out they become, and the more difficult the problem becomes to fix. Surely you understand this, you’ve probably noticed it before; someone […]

PhoneBurner App 2.0 | How-to Dial prospects using

PhoneBurner App 2.0, How-to Dial prospects using monday.com_

PhoneBurner App, the first of its kind on CarbonWeb’s first official app in the apps marketplace was the integration of PhoneBurner and Not only was this our first app, but it was the first of its kind on the platform. When we launched the PhoneBurner App, we had big plans for […]

8 Business Use Cases for

Our Work OS of Choice When it comes to business use cases for, you really have access to limitless possibilities. For starters, a Work OS or work operating system is a cloud-based software platform where teams build custom workflows, apps, and tools, to plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work. Read our […]

How to Use Item Cards Effectively on Item Card

What is an Item Card?  Item Cards are one of the most dynamic features within the platform. They create customizable data views based on the columns associated with your item, enabling you to display information in a visually appealing and easy-to-consume format. See what’s important and save the rest. Using Item Cards will cut […]

How to Visualize Business Data

Data Visualization

Let’s dive into visualizing business data and how it helps you to understand business performance. But first, let’s understand what data visualization actually is.   What is Data Visualization? Data Visualization is nothing new, but the way we use data and visualize it has changed over the years. We all grew up looking at visualized […]

Green Marketing: What is it?

What is Green Marketing? What does it mean to “be green” to you? From my perspective, “being green” is to respect the environment, care about the impact you have on the world, and advocate for positive environmental change. Green Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services that provide inherent benefits to the environment. […]

What is Marketing Segmentation?

What is Marketing Segmentation? To understand Marketing Segmentation, let’s start with the meaning of segmentation, a division into separate parts or segments. Now from segmentation, marketing segmentation simply put is dividing your target market into sensible, reachable segments.  Marketing segmentation allows marketers to create subsets of a market based on various distinctions:  needs, demographic, geographic, […]

Digital Marketing Terminology & Acronyms You Must Know (25+ Terms)

digital marketing terminology, marketing a business, digital marketing acronyms

Digital Marketing Terminology In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to be aware of the language and terminology we use across the industry. Whether you’re a business owner, a marketer, salesperson, or anyone in the business world, knowing these digital marketing terms and their acronyms will help you see a clearer picture when conversations […]

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