8 Business Use Cases for monday.com

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Our Work OS of Choice

When it comes to business use cases for monday.com, you really have access to limitless possibilities. For starters, a Work OS or work operating system is a cloud-based software platform where teams build custom workflows, apps, and tools, to plan, run, and track processes, projects, and everyday work. Read our blog, What is monday.com?; to learn more about your next Work OS!


Sounds complicated, right? Thankfully it’s not!


The technology behind the Work OS may be complicated, but for us, the users, monday.com is easy to use and beautifully intuitive. Our team here at CarbonWeb has been using monday.com since 2018, and we’ve watched it age like fine wine. But, like wine, the longer you wait to pop the cork, the more expensive it gets, so hop in and give monday.com a try today with a completely free trial.


Free Template: Daily To-Do Board


Jump to a use case!

  1. Task Management
  2. Team Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Creative & Design Management
  5. Customer Relationship Management
  6. Marketing Management
  7. Festival / Event Management
  8. Info Gathering Forms
  9. Bonus: Grocery Management


1.) Task Management

Task management is crucial to getting work done. Every industry has some form of tasks, and task management is a great business use case for monday.com! Everyone generally has a preferred way of tracking their work, whether it be sticky notes (as I’m guilty of myself) or a notes app of some kind. Whatever method you prefer, they work for you, but how do you convey what you’re working on to others? How do you know someone else isn’t doing that already?


We use monday.com to run a brief morning meeting every work day, allowing teammates to align time, collaborate on ideas, and assign tasks. As a result, managers understand the team’s workday, have an overview they can trust, and ensure everyone gets time face-to-face.


To-Do Team Sprints Board (Single User View)

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, task management, employee task tracking, daily work sprints



2.) Team Management

Team management is a vital element in any business in any industry. For example, without a properly managed team, you could have a store full of customers and no employees to work the register. Or maybe you’re a service-based company with appointments scheduled for today; how would you know who’s taking those appointments or is even available?


Being a manager is tough, and the transition to remote/hybrid work caused by the pandemic has only made it more challenging. Thankfully team management on monday.com is a breeze. Use customizable columns to build your employee database, set up team-based notifications, update or tag an entire team, and much more.


You should have a place to track and record completion for businesses where training, skills assessments, or certifications are required for employee onboarding. Here’s one example of how we’re managing our teams on monday.com right now with our employee certification database.


Team Certification Management

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, Team management, employee certification database



3.) Project Management

When most people think of a business use case for monday.com, the first thing that comes to mind is project management, and that’s because they make it possible to manage practically any project in any way. With dozens of views and configurations, customized dashboard overviews, and limitless column structures, you can build any project management workflow you need.


Here at CarbonWeb, we’re constantly working on projects simultaneously. For example, in the last 30-days, we’ve given the website a facelift, pivoted our branding while developing new apps and products, and doing all this while still delivering optimized work environments to our remarkable client base!


When your business is workflow, you’d expect ours to be the best, but it turned out we were due for an upgrade ourselves! To give you an idea, look at our new Internal Marketing Projects Dashboard below. This dashboard pulls information from four different boards in our new project management workflow!


IMP Dashboard (Internal Marketing Projects)

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, project management, resource management, project workload dashboard



4.) Creative & Design Management

Piggy-backing off the project management use case, creative and design management, planning, and more! As I mentioned before about working on multiple projects, creative teams work on many different things. So managing all those things and ensuring communication through and through is vital.


Knowing the status of projects and who’s working on them is essential and can ultimately mean the difference between a marketing campaign going out on time or not. You can integrate with leading design tools like Figma, Adobe, and Canva too!


Below you’ll see a limited view of our To-Do Design board, which is the third step in our internal marketing project workflow! Here we’ve mirrored the project priority status from the overall project to ensure everyone working on the design task knows how essential that project is. 

Creative Design Management

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, creative management, resource management, project workload dashboard



5.) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There isn’t anything more crucial to a business than the customers. With that, maintaining your relationships is vital to business growth. Most people use a CRM or customer relationship management system to effectively manage these relationships. 


What sets monday apart from most when it comes to the topic of CRMs is the customizability and sandbox nature of the platform. Creating malleable custom environments, lead pipelines, and outreach workflows is unmatched by any other software. Now add all this to your ability to integrate it directly with other systems in your Work OS.


Combine dashboards, unique user views, in-board dialing integrations, activity tracking, and automations with proposal generators, invoicing systems, and more. Only on monday can you create a genuinely end-to-end automated CRM. 


Look at the dashboard and workspace layout of our CarbonCRM Suite below, built directly on monday. Learn more about our CRM-specific use case for monday.com here!


CRM Sales Overview Dashboard

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, sales management, crm, customer relationship management, sales performance dashboard


6.) Marketing Management

One of my favorite things to do on monday is marketing management, specifically, ad management. All the other boards displayed thus far are active in our workflow, and the next one is no exception. Starting as a marketing agency, we had to develop systems and processes for managing, executing, and delivering client work.


From my personal experience, everyone manages ads a little bit differently. At CarbonWeb, we wanted to ensure we standardized the process for our marketing team, so we could onboard clients, stay organized, and do a great job managing ads. 


Our process begins with a form to gather campaign-specific info used in content development and then delivered to an ad manager. This is all happening within our Work OS. So much so that when we need text written, it’s assigned to a writer automatically in that To-Do task management board we mentioned previously. Now that’s the power of automation!


Now we’re here, ready to launch, manage, and track ad performance, and thanks to a new Google Ads integration, it is now easier than ever. By keeping detailed notes via updates, we leave a concrete performance history that anyone can reference or share with a client. On top of that, we’re handling budget, billing, and linking to employee pay. Read more about the power of marketing management here.


Google Ads Management Campaign View

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, marketing management, ad management, google ads dashboard



7.) Festival / Events Management

Managing festivals and events is a tremendous task, but ensuring a good end product is essential. With hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of people planning to spend their precious time at your event, delivering something worthwhile is your core focus. With travel plans, talent, equipment, vendors, caterers, contractors, staff, setup, ticketing, security, there’s a lot that needs to go right, with no room for error. 


It’s come to my attention that most of the events industry still uses excel at the core of their planning. I just want to ask why? Seeing what event planning looks like from the inside, it was crazy to see the amount of excel sheets necessary for putting on a successful event with headline artists. 


Imagine uploading those spreadsheets into monday.com, then being able to interconnect your databases, perform outreach, emailing, notifications, and budget management all in one place. And afterward, look at the post-event performance with dashboards pulling metrics across your workspace. That’s the reality of event management on monday.com and just the beginning of what could be possible for you. Here’s an example of a high-level event budgeting on monday.


Event Budget Planning / Tracking



8.) Information Gathering | WorkForms

You’ll never realize how powerful forms can be until they’re integrated into your workflow and you become accustomed to using them. On monday.com creating forms is super easy and can be used in limitless ways.


From a lead form feeding your CRM to a contact form you embed on your website, service requests, detail gathering for estimates, sign-up forms, and the list goes on. I mentioned how we use a form to gather campaign information in the marketing management. This makes the process seamless for everyone, asks defined questions to the client, and ensures we’re collecting the exact details for every campaign. 


To tie everything together, we’ll use our example of a download/install form, which you can fill out, below to access the task management To-Do template we mentioned in the beginning. 

Template Request Form



Bonus: Grocery Management / Meal Planning

In all seriousness, monday can be used for practically anything, and I hope I’ve shown that with this blog.


Now, a quick story about this last use case.


I created this on the weekend a few months back when I got tired of figuring out the different ingredients needed for the meals I like to cook. I live solo, so when I’m at the store, I’m the only one to remind myself to grab something. And frankly, I have a track record of being one ingredient short when I want to make something, especially waffles. (I have a secret recipe, ask me about it sometime.)


Anyways, with my experience on monday, I figured, “Heck, why not make a board for this too?” and so I did. The kicker, our CEO Jack Kubicek, stumbled across it one day in my private workspace while doing routine account clean-up. The best part is that it got to stay because he thought it was a great board and a good idea. 


Now, this is an excellent example of “other” non-business-related use cases monday is great for managing. I was able to build a “workflow” to streamline and simplify a routine task with automation. This makes shopping easier and removes the friction of remembering what I need to buy without having to write a new list every time. I simply click a button to add a meal to this week’s menu, and then I have a list of ingredients I can check against my current kitchen stock!


Meal Planning Menu Board

9 monday.com use cases for businesses, grocery management, food management, kitchen management


Enhance your team’s workflow with monday.com

If you take one thing away from this entire blog, it should be that anything is possible with monday.com. Whether you need a simple system, that’s effective and fun to use, or require an integrated complex workflow, you can achieve both with monday.


As certified monday.com partners, CarbonWeb has the knowledge and experience to help you develop end-to-end solutions to any of your workflow adversities. We’re available for free explorations, whether you’re new to the platform, or have been using it for years. Learn more.

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