CarbonWeb Partner PhoneBurner

CarbonWeb partnered with PhoneBurner back in 2021 to bring the first power dialing app to Since the launch of V1, we’ve gone on to expand the functionality and turn more people on to the benefits of effective power dialing.

Multiply calls and live connections

PhoneBurner boasts enhanced dialing capabilities, enabling you to dial 60-80 contacts per hour, with no awkward connection delays. That means fewer hangups, more quality conversations, and more closed deals. Pay per user with no per-minute fees, enabling you to scale your team efficiently for total prospecting freedom.

CarbonWeb Partner PhoneBurner
CarbonWeb Partner PhoneBurner

Simplify call processes and follow-up

PhoneBurner reduces the strain on dialers and expedites the manual work surrounding your call hours. Say goodbye to soul-sucking workflows forever.

Leave voicemails with the click of a button, log calls and notes, send emails and texts, schedule follow-ups, and more. Reducing the manual work, reduces team fatigue, meaning they stay fresh from the first call to the last.

Support you can count on

Ever dread calling support? PhoneBurner never wants you to feel that. They vaunt an award-winning US-based support team that will wow you with their knowledge and desire to help. A one-on-one onboarding expert will help set up your account for fast, measurable results.

CarbonWeb Partner PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner is our Power Dialing solution

Long before CarbonWeb Partnered with Phoneburner to create the PhoneBurner App, we were native users of the software, looking for practical ways to implement it.

CarbonWeb Partner PhoneBurner

With, everything is different.

It’s our pleasure to bring effective tools directly to your work environment. That’s why we partnered with them to create the PhoneBurner App for the marketplace.

Create custom workflows, and integrate PhoneBurner directly into an automated CRM; multiplying your touch points with omnichannel outreach to drive more revenue.

Learn more about PhoneBurner App

See the software live with, understand how it works, and discuss the possibilities for your workflow.

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