Start Managing Tasks

DD #2 – Start managing tasks

In the second edition of the Digital Directive, we’re talking about task management automation, why you need it, and giving you a way to improve your team’s work for free.

We all have things to do, projects to work on, tasks to complete, small or large, and everything in between.

Surely you have things that get pushed out of the way, left behind, or that sticky note that falls behind your desk from time to time that’s never getting done now, right?

That’s why we engage a task management system to ensure that we don’t lose those sticky note to-dos and create a straightforward, automated way to record, track, and manage all your team’s work.

Our first Suite is Officially dropping soon!

The CarbonCRM is now live on the marketplace. We’re excited to finally be releasing our first end-to-end product, ready for any team to start using.
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Task Management, Seriously!

What actually is task management? And no, it’s not just using sticky notes. Task Management is a system or process (often containing automation) used to ensure that when a new task starts, it reaches the point of completion. Furthermore, a proper task management solution has various features to enable you to effectively create, organize, and plan your work as you need to complete it.

Task management works by organizing everything you or your team needs to get done. From here, you’re assigning ownership, priorities, due dates, dependencies, and more so you can enhance team collaboration and get more work done faster. There’s more to it; a great task management system can serve as a catch-all for anything that may pop up during the workday and easily record and organize it for later.

Managing your tasks will help increase efficiency in your business, decrease the overall stress on you and your team, and put time back in the day so everyone can get more done together. ⁠

Here are a few recipes for success!

This automation works like your sticky notes but better. You create a new task, set a due date (or date you want to do it), and change the status to Future.

You can use this same recipe for pushing tasks into any group you may need. This automation recipe should be possible with any basic automation platform and is a core feature of all our systems on

Now that you’ve set a due date when you created your tasks, this automation will ensure when that date arrives, the task is ‘sprinted’. Afterward, it will push to your ‘Sprinted Tasks’ or your today’s work group.

This is great because, unlike a sticky note that you have to remember to look back to (and hope they haven’t disappeared), this will automatically pop up in your work for the day, on the day you planned it for; pretty neat right?

­Hopefully, you’re noticing a trend with these automations. This one is the perfect way to close out a task management system. This automation will change tasks to ‘Overdue’ if the tasks are not marked ‘Completed’ 24 hours after it’s ‘Sprinted.’

Then you could follow this with the first recipe to move the overdue tasks to an overdue group!

This keeps you accountable because the idea behind a ‘sprinted task’ is for it to be done the day of. Now, you’ll know what you need to finish from the day prior, or even better, thanks to this process, you shouldn’t have any more overdue tasks.

Start managing tasks today!

First, we should let you know this board is getting an upgrade soon! So stay tuned for the second release! More streamlined, with an enhanced dashboard and team engagement tools.

Either way, this board is a perfect start to managing your tasks as a team and getting more work done while keeping track of everything in one place.

There are countless ways you can integrate this system with your current work environment if you’re on


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Outline your workflows! Here’s how to do it:

Our last directive was all about outlining your workflow in preparation for automating your digital processes. Check out our tutorial on creating the ideal workflow outline.

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