Outreach Optimization with monday.com

DD #68 – Dialing into Success with monday.com

Welcome back to Edition #68 of the Digital Directive.

As the year rounds down, and reps are trying to hit their Q4 quotas and annual sales figures, I’d bet there’s plenty of room for optimization in your outreach strategies.

Let’s turn the dial-up on outreach strategies with this great edition.

Optimizing Outreach with monday

monday isn’t just a project management powerhouse; it’s an outreach optimizer waiting to amplify your connection with prospects. Here’s how it can retool your approach:

Contact Management: Centralize contacts in a visually rich CRM that’s fully customizable and syncs with your outreach efforts.

Campaign Tracking: Create boards for different campaigns, monitor real-time progress, and fine-tune strategies on the fly.

Automated Follow-ups: Set automations for follow-up emails or calls, ensuring no lead goes cold.

Spotlight on PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner stands out as the only Power Dialer available on the monday app marketplace, designed to put your outreach into overdrive:

Streamlined Calling: Filter, sort, and select contacts in bulk, leaving more time to engage with potential clients.

Click-to-dial: Easily dial any contact from any board with a native click-to-dial item view that makes dialing and tracking calls effortless.

Intelligent Lead Distribution: Distribute leads among your team based on predefined rules, straight from your monday.com boards.

Performance Analytics: Harness the data from PhoneBurner to analyze call outcomes and inform your outreach strategy.

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Want to see PhoneBurner and monday in action together in a dynamic system built by a user like you? Tune in on November 8th, 1 PM EST for an insightful display of the powerful PhoneBurner app integrated seamlessly on monday!

This webinar will walk you through how a fundraising expert landed on both PhoneBurner and monday as their platforms of choice and how their workflow is running today.

Titled: How monday.com Supercharged My PhoneBurner Dialing
When? Nov 8th, 1 PM EST
RSVP: Right here, right now!

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