Get Ahead of Tasks

DD #32 – Get Ahead of Tasks

We’re back for another edition of the Digital Directive. You might have noticed you didn’t receive a directive yesterday, but fear not; we’re here today with Edition #32!

For those in the States, yesterday was Presidents day; if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a time when we honor our founding fathers and the leaders who have taken us to where we are today. In honor of that, we’ll kick this edition off with a quote:

“I never expect perfect work from an imperfect man.”

– Alexander Hamilton

As you push through today, let this be a source of validation that not everything needs to be perfect, but everything needs to get done.

Whether you’re managing a department or team, your own work, or managing an entire company, getting things done is quite clearly a universal goal of all of us. And if you’re a part of this newsletter, you’re likely using monday to help you do this and hopefully our TO-DO Suite as well.

By the way, we don’t just say “getting things done” for no reason; our entire task management system is built on the lessons learned from the book, Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivity by David Allen. We highly recommend the read if you haven’t already.

Now, let’s dive into some time-saving tips for putting your task management system to work for you.

Automating more than before

For starters, we’re riding on the assumption you’re using our TO-DO Suite or will be after reading this! As you know, our task management system is free for everyone, forever, and comes stocked with a dozen or so automations and multiple boards to get you started, but here are some more automations and integrations you should look to add.

New Lead Tasks (Automation)

Ex.) If a New Lead is created in Deal Pipeline create an item in Tasks Board and assign Person.

Form Submission Tasks (Automation)

Ex.) If Contact Form receives a submission, create an item in Task Board and assign Person.

Creative Request Tasks (Automation)
Ex.) If a New Request is created in New Graphics, create an item in Tasks Board and assign Person.

CRM Tasks (Automation)

Ex.) If Follow-up is Needed in Contacts Board, create an item in Tasks Board and assign Person.

Appointment Tasks (Integration)

Ex.) When an invitation created by CatchApp user is accepted create an item. → Learn more

New Event Tasks (Integration)

Ex.) When an event is created in Google Calendar, create an item, and sync future changes from Google Calendar

We could go on and on about more ways to take your tasks management further (and we most definitely will at a later date,) but the best thing you can do is experiment with automation and try to find new and innovate ways to tie your system together and increase connectivity between your processes and day-to-day workflow.

We’re always available to help too, learn more at

Keep spreading the word!

If you have questions about apps, wondering the best way to build a workflow, or have ideas for a topic you want to see covered in a future Digital Directive, feel free to share ’em with us!

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