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CarbonWeb is a Certified Channel Partner building end-to-end solutions for the community. In addition to marketplace apps, we also develop 3rd-party integrations and one-off custom Work OS solutions.

The only Work OS on the market

The Work OS is trusted by over 152,000 teams worldwide! From airplane manufacturers to media companies and many other business models in between. Creating your end-to-end systems that manage business processes has never been easier, thanks to the sandbox nature of clients
CarbonWeb Certified partner

Formed by nature. Nurtured by humans.

Our partnership with formed naturally. As users of the platform for nearly five years, we’ve watched the platform grow and continually improve with new features, integrations, and functionality.

With the years we spent managing our work within, we gained ample experience iterating on the best ways to manage and optimize workflows. Our clients noticed and began to ask questions like, “what is" Channel Partners

CarbonWeb officially became a certified partner in 2021, and as of November 2022, we are officially Channel Partners!

After more than four years of using the platform internally, we got our entire team certified, becoming experts to ensure we provide the best experience possible to users, new and old!

We pitched it to our first client, and they LOVED everything about it. Seeing how fast this client absorbed the value of and how genuinely happy they were to discuss it, we knew this was only the beginning.

CarbonWeb with partners is our Work OS was our Work OS of choice long before we ever recommended it to another company. We fully understand the importance of having one centralized and unified location to manage all of our work.

CarbonWeb Certified partner
CarbonWeb Certified partner

With, everything is different.

They don’t have a sales team to bombard you with their offerings and hound you until you sign-up. Instead, they spend their energy on marketing, leaving the door open for companies like CarbonWeb to demonstrate the value and propose practical solutions to the community.

What does this partnership mean for you?

Ultimately, this means you have a first-degree connection with the team. As certified partners, we’re regularly communicating with them, collaborating, and trying to find more ways to make work for you.

A great example of our collaboration is joint webinars, where we bring together CarbonWeb and to demonstrate the value, answer questions, and listen to feedback. Latest webinar

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Building better work environments

For those looking to optimize their experience, you can work with our integrations team to develop one-off proprietary systems for virtually any of your business processes. Sometimes, all you need is a jumping-off point; we have a spectrum of pre-built solutions ready to be deployed into your Work OS today.

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