Year-End Goals

DD #71 – Working Towards Year-End Goals

Welcome to Edition #71 of the Digital Directive. Hopefully, you’ve recovered from your food coma and still have some money in the bank after Black Friday. Did anyone actually go out shopping this year?

With the final month of the year closely approaching, businesses and teams have a lot to be focused on.

Reaching goals, hitting quotas, closing out the year strong, and holiday distractions, all while preparing for the next year ahead. Over at CarbonWeb, we’re playing the same game, working on some cool new internal projects, all while consistently delivering for active clients, and building up our pipeline for next year!

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Strategizing for Year-End Success with monday

As December approaches and the year comes to a close it’s crunch time for hitting those key goals and quotas. Let’s explore some of the straightforward, but surefire ways to leverage monday to streamline this final haul.

Before anything, you need to prioritize and establish what really matters. Not every goal may get met, but ensuring you and your team are aligned and focused is imperative to delivering upon expectations at the end of the year. So, now that we have our priorities straight, what should we do?

Firstly, Goal Tracking Boards. Set up specific boards for year-end targets. Visualize progress with status columns and percentage trackers, for a clear view of where you stand. Dashboards can come in handy here too!

Next, Automate for Efficiency. Implement automations to remind teams of impending deadlines, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks during the holiday hustle.

Now, Resource Allocation Views. Utilize the workflow view to balance resources effectively, making sure that the final push doesn’t lead to burnout.

Lastly, Celebrate Success. Use the DashBoards app to audibly celebrate success wherever your team is! Learn more about the DashBoards app here.

Of course there is much more you can do, but these will have you and your team on the path to success, and ensure you celebrate along the way. If you need a structured way to manage your team’s daily tasks workload, track projects, and get on the path to well-structured workflows, the CarbonTO-DO Suite is a 100% free task management workflow available to all on the app marketplace.

Your Partner in Workflow

You don’t have to build this all out alone! Our team at CarbonWeb is here to help make your monday experience as seamless as possible, so you can focus on what’s important: Growing your business!

As Channel & Advanced Delivery Partners, CarbonWeb has experience servicing workflows of all types and complexities. Book a workflow exploration with our team to take the next step in enhancing your business processes and beginning the journey to an autonomous process!

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