Working from anywhere just got easier

­DD #11 – Working from anywhere just got easier

Welcome to the 11th edition of the Digital Directive. Working from anywhere just got even easier and we’re here to tell you how. If you haven’t noticed or missed monday’s 16th product newsletter, we’re here to fill you in!

BTW… Have you subscribed for the Elevate Show 2022 yet?

Elevate Show 2022

Hey {{ contact.FIRSTNAME | default : “there” }},

I’m Carson from the marketing team here at CarbonWeb, and I want to personally invite you to’s biggest event of the year, The Elevate Show 2022!

There are already 265k people registered, and the best part is they’re planting a tree for every person that signs up! If you’ve been around CarbonWeb for a long enough, you’ll know that we’re huge proponents of preserving and restoring our environment.

The event is happening online on November 3rd, and even if you can’t make it the day of, all the sessions from dozens of speakers will be available to you on-demand after the event once you’re registered.

Sign-up today!

Carson Butcher
VP of Marketing @CarbonWeb

P.S. Get a taste of the event with highlights from last year! Elevate Show 2021 Highlights

Who’s it for? Why you should register.

Current monday users: They’re announcing their 2023 product updates and what we can expect to see down the road! Plus dozens of great sessions on optimizing, best practices, and teaching you more ways to get work DONE more effectively in this new hybrid-remote era of work.

Non monday user: This is the best time to learn everything you’ve been wondering and hear from the experts on best practices, upcoming updates, and more on working in this hybrid-remote era!

Not interested? Even by registering, you’ll be making a positive impact! Who knows how long that tree could last?

­Sign me up!

Your Work OS just grew some legs!

One reason we’ve always loved monday, is because of how versatile it is. The way you can customize boards, change practically everything, and make them as simple or complicated as you please. On top of all that, the countless different board views make it one of the most adaptable work environments available.

They’ve been mobile since before they were, but did you know they were once called DaPulse? More importantly, do you use the mobile app? Well, if you haven’t yet, I bet you’ll want to now.

The time has come! Now we’ve got mobile board views for the iOS and Android Apps! This is huge for anyone that’s on the go, needs to check in quickly, or wants to find an extra reason to look at their phone after hours… although not recommended.

Learn about all the mobile board views you have access to.

Keep spreading the word!

We’ve been so motivated by the growth of the Digital Directive and want to continue bringing you relevant content to help you make the most of your digital processes.

If you’ve got questions submit them through our ideas form and we’ll do our best to answer them in an upcoming edition!

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