The BIG 4-0

DD #40 – The BIG 4-0

Welcome back to the 40th edition of the Digital Directive!

This week we’re going to round up some of our favorite tips, tricks, and topics of the last 10 editions. But before that, we’re going on another trip!

As Channel Partners, CarbonWeb is afforded unique access to the monday team and with that, we’re off to NYC this week to meet up with the SMB Team at monday’s NYC HQ to talk strategy, sales, and more ways to help more users succeed with monday.

We’ve taken a very active approach when it comes to providing value to the community, and after this week, we’ll have even more ways to guide you to success!

The importance of hitting done

In Edition 30, we talk about finishing projects and the reasons you might not have ever hit that #Done status.

Here are a few generalizations we can make about why a project remains incomplete:

Lack of clear goals and objectives: If the project doesn’t have a clear goal or outcome, it’s hard to determine when it’s completed.

Poor resource management: Projects require resources, like time, budget, and manpower. When these resources are mismanaged, it can lead to delays and incomplete projects.

Poor communication: Miscommunication between team members or with clients can lead to mistakes and delays, which can ultimately result in an incomplete project.

Changing requirements: When project requirements change mid-way, it can disrupt the project timeline and make it difficult to complete.

Unforeseen events: Natural disasters, unexpected setbacks, family emergencies, and other events outside of your control can disrupt the project timeline and make it difficult to complete.

Inadequate planning: A lack of proper planning and preparation can lead to problems down the line, making it difficult to complete the project on time and within budget.

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Get Ahead & Stay Ahead of Tasks

Following Presidents Day, we dropped some awesome tips for adding automation to your task management. Check them out:

New Lead Tasks (Automation)
Ex.) If a New Lead is created in Deal Pipeline create an item in Tasks Board and assign Person.

Form Submission Tasks (Automation)
Ex.) If Contact Form receives a submission, create an item in Task Board and assign Person.

Creative Request Tasks (Automation)
Ex.) If a New Request is created in New Graphics, create an item in Tasks Board and assign Person.

CRM Tasks (Automation)
Ex.) If Follow-up is Needed in Contacts Board, create an item in Tasks Board and assign Person.

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Roadmaps 101

In Edition #34 we touched on the essentials of roadmaps and using them throughout your business. Here are some of the key aspects to roadmaps.

Clear goals & objectives – The roadmap should clearly outline the goals and objectives of the project or company. This includes defining what success looks like, identifying the target audience, and establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress.

Realistic timelines – The roadmap should include realistic timelines for each project or company’s development stage. This means considering factors such as resource availability, potential setbacks or delays, and the project’s complexity.

Prioritization of tasks – Prioritizing tasks in the roadmap is important to ensure that the most critical activities are completed first. This helps to ensure that the project stays on track and that progress is made toward achieving the overall goals and objectives.

Flexibility & adaptability – While having a clear plan in place is important, baking in flexibility and adaptability is essential. This means being able to pivot or adjust the plan if new information or opportunities arise or if the project encounters unexpected challenges.

Communication and collaboration – The roadmap should facilitate cross-team communication and collaboration throughout the organization and among stakeholders. This includes ensuring that everyone is clear on the project’s goals, objectives, and timelines and providing regular updates on progress and any changes to the plan.

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Enhancements to the monday platform

In Edition #35, we highlighted some of the changes coming to the monday platform, some are out already and some are on the roadmap!

Role-based access control – This new feature gives you more flexibility and control over your team’s access to important data and functions within With custom roles, you can ensure that every team member has access to the right information and tools to do their job effectively while preventing unauthorized access and reducing the risk of errors or data breaches. And it’s already out, so admins, go check out the admin panel and see how you can put this feature to work!

Teams within teams – With this feature, you can create sub-teams and assign users to them based on your organization’s structure and needs. This simplifies the process of granting access to boards and tasks, as any user that belongs to a sub-team will automatically gain access to all of the content assigned to its parent team. This one’s out now, admins; go try it out!

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Keep spreading the word!

We’ve been going for 40 weeks and we aren’t looking to slow down. If you have questions about apps, are wondering the best way to build a workflow, or have ideas for a topic you want to see covered in a future Digital Directive, feel free to share ’em with us!

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