One Year of Digital Directives

DD #51 – One Year of Digital Directives

Welcome back to the 51st Edition of the Digital Directive!

Did you know the Digital Directive’s 1-Year Anniversary is tomorrow?

Hopefully, you didn’t miss us too much last week; as we’re preparing our long-awaited update to the newsletter, we took last week off to celebrate the 4th of July here in the United States.

Whether you’ve been subscribed this entire time or only for a little while, we want you to share your feedback with us!

This week we’re going to recap, sharing some insights from previous editions, stay tuned for an all-new Digital Directive next week from your certified channel partners, CarbonWeb!

1-Year of Insightful Directives

We’ve covered dozens of topics over the last year, but here are some great insights from our favorite editions!

Edition #1 – Outline your workflows

In the first edition, we talked all about how to get started building a workflow and the importance of outlining your workflow before trying to build it within monday.

Watch our walk-through video ->

Edition #3 – Get a CRM!
In this edition, we hit on everything you should be asking yourself when evaluating a CRM. Considering built-in outreach capabilities, connectivity between sales and marketing, appoint schedulers, automation capabilities, and reporting and analytic features.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #10 – Optimizing monday Structure

In this edition, we dove down into the importance of optimization and structure within monday. Things like creating workspace guides, establishing guidelines within monday and standardization across your system are all important.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #22 – Onboarding new team members

In this edition, we laid out four important aspects of onboarding you should be sure to account for ahead of new employees. Establish your identity, develop training guides, build your roadmap, and create performance plans.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #34 – Roadmaps 101

In this edition, we went over everything you should consider when building roadmaps, including the different types, how to build roadmaps in monday, the problems that cause delays, and ways to resolve them.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #37 – Build a new process

In this edition, we walked through the important steps of erecting a new process within monday and the common mistakes to avoid, like over complicating the process and neglecting feedback from your team.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #41 – Track your resources

In this edition, we dove into the reasons why and the practical method you can use to track your resources within monday with real-life use cases. With a handful of features, monday equips you with the tools necessary to track and manage resources effectively.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #45 – Build Useful Dashboards

In this edition, we covered various widgets and ways you can build beneficial dashboards on monday. From battery widgets to visualize statuses to charts and numbers to make it visual, you’ll want to give this a read.

Read the full edition here ->

Edition #48 – Streamline project management

In this edition, we reviewed the ins and outs of effective project management, from the importance of clarity and collaboration to ensuring visibility and scalability with the use of automation.

Read the full edition here ->

This is only nine of our last fifty, so be sure to check out the Digital Directive on our website for all of our previous editions! Stay tuned for next week.

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