monday workdocs, are you using them?

DD #12 – monday workdocs, are you using them?

The 12th edition of the Digital Directive is here. Last week we talked about working from anywhere, and in the spirit of cloud-based work, you should really start using workdocs!

BTW… Are you registered for the Elevate Show 2022 yet?


Word Doc? No, workdoc.

For more than two decades, we’ve all been accustomed to Word Docs, and yeah, they’re great. They do everything we could possibly need. What more could a document do?

What if you could create items, update reports, kick off new projects, plan a campaign, duplicate it as a template and save it all in one place? Plus, edit together in real-time and access the files when and wherever you need them.

Well, that’s monday workdocs for ya!

We want to encourage you to start getting the most out of monday, and start using workdocs.

If you aren’t on monday grab a free trial and give workdocs a try (after you finish reading of course!)

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Docs that make work easy.

The beautiful thing about is how many different ways you connect, store, and access documents and files, all relatively easy, usually within 1-2 clicks. But one thing remains the same, you still have to go to that platform to edit the document, copy text, and all that jazz.

Workdocs change this because it’s like a google doc, word doc, or any other document but inside of monday, and a lot more intuitive.

When you’re in a workdoc, you simply use a backlash and select what type of content you want to add, or just start typing.

Gone are the days of tedious formatting, monday makes it easy, only pressing a few keys.

On top of that, you can work side-by-side with your teammates collaborating on anything inside workdocs.

Store workdocs at the board level inside of a workspace or folder to make them readily available or store them in a file column, the choice is yours.

workdocs knowledge-base


The essential principles of workdocs.

To put workdocs is as little words in possible it let’s you connect, collaborate, and execute ideas and workflows—all in one place.

Co-edit in real-time, instantly share comments, and drag and drop your text without disrupting your team members.

Embed monday boards, dashboards, videos, and more directly into workdocs. Every component is automatically synced and updated as you work.

Transform every part of your monday workdoc into live action items, that seamlessly connect to all of your ongoing workflows.

­Ready-made templates you’ll love.

It’s always easier to have a head start, workdocs are no exception with various templates to inspire you to build your own and make your next meeting run smoother.

Weekly Checklist
Organize your team with a checklist of weekly tasks in one shared workdoc to keep projects moving forward. Try now →

Share ideas, images, and more with the ultimate, flexible work canvas to get your team’s creativity flowing. Try now →

Meeting summary
Keep a clear record of your meeting highlights and tag team members on all of the relevant next steps. Try now →

Project Plan
Stay updated on who’s doing what and when with timelines, to-do lists, and task assignments. Try now →

Product Launch Plan
Centralize all project updates, data, and more to keep relevant stakeholders involved and up-to-date. Try now →

Did you register yet?

Hey {{ contact.FIRSTNAME | default : “there” }},

Did you see my note about The Elevate Show 2022 in last week’s Digital Directive?

Well, in short, monday’s hosting their biggest web conference of the year and planting a tree for every person that registers.

This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about everyone’s favorite Work OS and see what’s coming in the future!

If you aren’t a user yet, this is the perfect opportunity to learn everything you want and need to know before getting started.

Sign-up here!

Carson Butcher
VP of Marketing @CarbonWeb

P.S. Get a taste of the event with highlights from last year! Elevate Show 2021 Highlights

Who’s it for? Why you should register.

Current monday users: They’re announcing their 2023 product updates and what we can expect to see down the road! Plus dozens of great sessions on optimizing, best practices, and teaching you more ways to get work DONE more effectively in this new hybrid-remote era of work.

Non monday user: This is the best time to learn everything you’ve been wondering and hear from the experts on best practices, upcoming updates, and more on working in this hybrid-remote era!

Not interested? Even by registering, you’ll be making a positive impact! Who knows how long that tree could last?

Sign me up!

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