enhancements coming soon!

DD #35 – enhancements coming soon!

Welcome to Edition #35 of the Digital Directive! We’ve have some amazing news to share with you and insight on updates to come on the monday platform.

After using monday for 5+ years, we can attest to the efforts the team at has put into making this platform better and better every day.

So let’s dive into some of the exciting updates already here and some coming soon…

Already released in 2023

Role-based access control – This new feature gives you more flexibility and control over your team’s access to important data and functions within With custom roles, you can ensure that every team member has access to the right information and tools to do their job effectively while preventing unauthorized access and reducing the risk of errors or data breaches. And it’s already out, so admins, go check out the admin panel and see how you can put this feature to work!

Teams within teams – With this feature, you can create sub-teams and assign users to them based on your organization’s structure and needs. This simplifies the process of granting access to boards and tasks, as any user that belongs to a sub-team will automatically gain access to all of the content assigned to its parent team. This one’s out now, admins; go try it out!

Click on profile image > Teams > Select a team > Sub-teams tab

On The Docket for 2023

Teams as board owners – Coming soon, assigning teams as board owners will allow you to streamline board management and delegate ownership responsibilities, ensuring that the right people have the necessary level of access and control. By assigning teams as board owners, new users who join the team are automatically granted access to relevant boards, eliminating the need for manual access provisioning. This reduces access management overhead, making it easier to compartmentalize and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Restricting views for editing – With this new feature, you’ll be able to lock down views from editing to ensure only authorized users can modify widgets, filters, and structure without limiting full board access to specific users. Views can take a while to set up, and mistakes happen, but this will ensure nobody can break custom views or alter them into disrepair.

Ai in workdocs (MondAI) – The future is here, and AI writing is coming to! With this feature, you’ll be able to use AI in workdocs to boost your productivity and enhance your writing by rephrasing it, summarizing it, changing its tone of voice, or simply having AI write it
for you. Stay tuned!

monday DB – monday DataBase will bring a dramatic increase to the possibilities of the platform. With the final goal of reaching 1,000,000 items per board, you will never need to worry about hitting the board item limits again, providing another amazing benefit to enterprise monday accounts.

Disclaimer: There’s more updates than we’ve provided here and these are subject to change at monday’s discretion.

Handling a change in personnel?

Not everyone is a forever employee, and being able to properly manage their departure is essential. On there are tools in place to ensure when someone leaves, you can transfer ownership of boards and automations to a different person.

Why does this matter?

If you don’t take this step and you delete a user, you will soon find parts of your workflows may be dysfunctional, noneditable, or otherwise totally broken.

Here’s what you need to do before you fully remove someone from your monday account:

1.) Navigate to your Admin panel

2.) Select the Users tab

3.) Choose Board ownership or Automation ownership

4.) In Current owner add the person exiting the account and add New owner as the person taking over their boards or automations.

5.) Click Add new owner and you’re done!

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