Increase Team Engagement

DD #12 – Increase Team Engagement

The Digital Directive is back for it’s 13th edition and the first of the spooky season. Last week, we touched on workdocs, and the ways you can collaborate and increase organization all inside of monday. This week we’re touching on ways to increase engagement from your team.

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Lead your team in the right direction

Building, leading, and managing teams is the key function of any manager, but supplying them with the resources to be successful is how they’ll meet and surpass your expectations.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Does my staff have a knowledge base to find information?
  • Is my staff able to expand the knowledge base to share something important they’ve learned?
  • How does my staff access this knowledge base?
  • Is the knowledge base updated on a regular basis?

Depending on the job, company, and industry the resources needed can vary drastically, but the principles remain the same… Every company needs a accessible knowledge base.

Another part of keeping your team engaged is pointing them in the right direction and making resources easily accessible.

At CarbonWeb, we do this with our 🔗Quick Links Board, which supplies every member of our team with all the links they could ever need.

From links to support pages, to booking links, service pages, internal resources and more; this saves us countless hours per week across the team by preventing distraction and streamlining resource accessibility.

In the spirit of Spooky Season

Getting your team engaged and making the workplace something to enjoy and look forward to is paramount to success. One app that does this for us on monday is TaskMagic. Make tasks fun and rewarding, pick and level up your avatar and see lifetime progress the more you complete!


If you’re looking for a way to breed some fun, healthy competition, and gamify your workday, look no further.

Plus, it’s free!
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­Making company assets accessible

A big part of engagement is having the tools to do so. With monday, you can build your resource hubs, create FAQ boards, organize support resources, and manage internal knowledge bases with ease.

If you don’t already have a way to manage all your digital assets within ,your Work OS, monday has a great native template ready to use, all you have to do is add your content.

Digital Asset Management Template
Store all your digital assets on one cloud-based digital asset manager. Easily access the files you need, keep everything organized, and easily share them with your team within seconds. Try now →

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