Improving User Inputs

DD #14 – Improving User Inputs

The Digital Directive is back for the 14th edition and the second of the Spooky Season. We talked about team engagement last week; So, in the spirit of making work easier and more efficient, here’s how we can improve user input efficiency with forms on monday!

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Forms, Forms, Forms…

Think about the forms you fill-out any time you drop your vehicle off for service, or when you arrive at your Doctor’s office.

It’s the same for every visit. But why?

Intake forms help streamline and structure data entry while making sure to ask the right questions, or prompt the right information. Using a form helps ensure the same information is taken-in while creating a structured system that staff and customers can follow.

So think to yourself, “Where can forms fit in to my system?”

  • Client intro meetings
  • Customer sign-ups
  • Check-ins
  • Appointments
  • Internal database entry
  • Lead capturing
  • Surveys
  • Payments
  • and a lot more!

Better forms, better results.

There’s a million and one ways to build forms online, some are better than others. Depending on what you need to use forms for, we’ve got some great ways you can use forms right inside your Work OS! Check out these monday apps.

WorkForms allow you to create personalized forms for your business with a no-code form builder. You can easily set conditions to get the right information, and reduce the back and forth. And the best part, this is monday’s native form builder that funnels data right to your chosen monday board.

Easyform is just like monday’s WorkForms enabling you to quickly and easily create monday forms, but gives you more customizability to ensure your forms match your brand and your website when embedded. All responses are saved directly to your monday board.

SuperForms take monday forms even further allowing you to not only build custom monday forms that generate items in boards, but enable item updating via forms. Additionally, you can take advantage of advanced columns in monday that other form builders don’t work with, like people columns and connected boards columns.

Jotform is a very popular online form builder which integrated directly with monday! Jotform’s monday app lets you create custom forms for your website and sync submissions to your boards automatically, while also allowing you to update existing items.

How’s your CRM holding up?

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Keep spreading the word!

Starting in November we’ll be featuring other apps and partners in the monday community to highlight use cases and give you more ways to get work done.

If you have questions about apps, wondering the best way to build a workflow, or have ideas for a topic you want to see covered in a future Digital Directive feel free to share ’em with us!

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