Five ways to manage better

DD#5 – Five ways to manage your team better

In the fifth edition of the Digital Directive, we’re touching on five ways to better manage your team.

  • Transparent communication
  • Clear plans & goals
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Delegating
  • Constructive feedback

How to build a great team

Building and managing great teams comes down to five real factors, each plays a role in the others, and without them building an effective unified team is utterly impossible.

Transparent communication →

Transparency is vital in any team. Being direct and saying exactly what you want, need, and expect in every situation is the best and only way to ensure there’s no lapse in understanding. 

The results of indirect and nontransparent communication can vary from a minor issue to something that isn’t noticed until the end of a project and now requires a complete do-over. 

Now, this is a doomsday scenario, but we’ve got ways for you systematically prevent it.

Clear plans & goals →

With transparent communication in mind, setting clear goals that are understood by everyone and elaborated upon is a must. Defining goals will allow you to clearly set your expectation, whether it be time, budget, an expected result, or a number of other factors.

To reach clear goals, you need to have a clear-cut plan shared with everyone involved. It’s important to provide your team the time to understand a project in its entirety and give them a defined path for how to obtain and complete specific goals.

Clear plans & goals →

Regarding teams, there is no ‘I” in them, but there is an ‘I’ in collaboration, which is why you need to do it. Working together and encouraging your team (especially in this remote era) to collaborate is key.

One person doesn’t solve the most complex problems, so it’s important to remind your teammates that when they get stuck or hung up, it’s OK to go to your team. Building trust with teammates and knowing there are people you can go to and receive feedback is so important.

If you have a platform for communicating internally, great! But if you haven’t made the push yet, it’s highly recommended. 

Here are some popular communication platforms below:

Delegating →

As a manager, senior, or executive, you’ve got a lot on your plate; delegating comes with the role, but it’s up mostly to you how that takes place.

When assigning a job, task, project, or whatever it may be, it’s important to consider everything mentioned prior. Clearly communicating the plan and working with your staff to understand and achieve the goals is essential to managing a great team.

Delegating work should be streamlined to ensure no lag in starting the project. Time is the enemy when kicking off any project because the longer you wait, the more details could be lost or forgotten. 

This is why it’s imperative to have a place to record every part of the project and be able to divide and conquer the responsibilities. Here at CarbonWeb, we love using the monday Work OS; get started on your project management system (for free) here. We’d love to show you the platform and help you get started, click the button below!
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Constructive Feeback →

Ideally, this would be built into your project management system; constructive feedback is essential to any team. In sports, in school, in life, and of course in work, knowing how you did and how you can do better is critical.

After all, this is the only way you know how to make changes for the better, and in a system with built-in feedback mechanisms, you’d be able to keep records of all that feedback.

Giving constructive feedback is not berating someone but being clear about the goals and how the item in question adds up to that goal. On the flip side, give kudos to a job well done; it is important to extend welcomed praise when someone has reached goals or surpassed expectations.

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The first step: Outlining your teams’ workflows

The first step managing better is outlining all the critical workflows in your business. Watch our video on outlining a workflow! We walk you through the entire process so you can replicate it and start building the ideal process for managing your team and overall business.

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