Fall Clean-up Tips + News from CarbonWeb!

DD #15 – Fall Clean-up Tips + News from CarbonWeb!

We’re back with the 15th edition of the Digital Directive. What are you doing as the end of the year approaches? Is your team ramping down? Ramping up? Coasting?

Every business approaches the end of the year differently…

So, with holiday festivities starting, we have some tips to help you prepare for the new year. Plus, some news from the team here at CarbonWeb!

Time for Fall Clean-up?

Spring cleaning is certainly something we’re all aware of, but a Fall Clean-up or clean-out as the year winds down can make spring cleaning twice as easy!

We’re not talking about homes or gardens, though. We’re talking about your Work OS!

We’re 290 days into the year, so at this point, I’m sure some of your boards have gone a little undermanaged, got a bit messy, and overall could use some TLC (tender loving care.)

A few tips to save yourself a future headache!

1.) Survey your team to see if there are any boards they’d suggest cleaning and/or sprucing up.

2.) For accounts with open board permissions, ask your team, “are you using private boards?” Suggest they do some clean-up on their end. If the boards are old news, can ’em!

3.) Admins, take a look at the “Tidy Up” tab in your admin panel, and see what boards haven’t been used in a while. Maybe you don’t need them anymore.

4.) Before you delete a board, check the board activity… Someone may be using it still; check in with them so they’re not shocked when they can’t find it.

5.) Sharpen up your naming conventions across your system. Create folders, organize your boards, and consider searchability when naming/re-naming boards in your account. Check out our previous directive on monday organization.

We’ve been busy this year!

The team at CarbonWeb has been busy, busy, busy the last few months. From the launch of the CarbonCRM Suite and all the other awesome projects we’re working on, we’ve got a lot of news coming soon.

But since you’re a Digital Directive member, we’ve got some early insights for you!

CarbonTO-DO Suite is coming!

We’ve mentioned this previously, but CarbonWeb has been striving to master task management for the better part of 5 years (basically since we started using monday), and we’re finally ready to launch our next suite! The CarbonTO-DO Suite, is a 100% free automated task management system for your team.

Stay tuned for a release date!

PhoneBurner App 2.0

If you’re not a PhoneBurner user, here’s some inside info anyways! Our PhoneBurner power dialing app has been live on monday for over 500 days, and we are gearing up for its biggest overhaul yet, including two-way sync! We’ll have more information out soon.

Want to try the app? → PhoneBurner App

CarbonWeb Partnerships

As we spend more time working in and around the monday community, we want to continue opening the doors to partnering with more great companies. Stay tuned for more information and future details!

In the meantime, you can email our VP of Marketing and Partnerships to learn more! → carson@carbonweb.co

Channel Partner who?

Being a monday.com certified partner has been such a rewarding and educational experience for us over the last two years! We’re so excited to announce an upgrade… CarbonWeb is becoming a monday.com Channel Partner! We’ll have more details to share soon.

Are you registered for Elevate 2022?

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Carson Butcher
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P.S. Have a look at Elevate Show 2021 Highlights

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Current monday users: They’re announcing their 2023 product updates and what we can expect to see down the road! Plus dozens of great sessions on optimizing, best practices, and teaching you more ways to get work DONE more effectively in this new hybrid-remote era of work.

Non monday user: This is the best time to learn everything you’ve been wondering and hear from the experts on best practices, upcoming updates, and more on working in this hybrid-remote era!

Not interested? Even by registering, you’ll be making a positive impact! Who knows how long that tree could last?

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