Board Views & Visualization

Digital Directive #16: Board Views & Visualization

We’re back with the 16th edition of the Digital Directive. When it comes to viewing our data, there are infinite ways to visualize it.

Every business sees and understands data differently, so let’s discuss.


What is Data Visualization?

Visualization makes data easier to understand, more engaging, and accessible at any level of comprehension or technical ability. Data Visualization is the practice of presenting data pictorially or graphically and formulating it into a concise, easy-to-understand format.

Think back to the last weather forecast; they use animations such as a glowing sun or clouds with rain and the expected high and low temps, along with colors to signify these temperatures. This makes comprehending what the weather will be like elementary without needing any formal training or understanding.

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­Board views from our favorite day of the week!

Monday isn’t just the day we send out the Digital Directive; it’s also our favorite business tool for getting stuff DONE.

With and thanks to the sandbox nature of the platform, you can create views that are 100% unique and useful to you!

  1. Table View – standard board view which can be filtered
  2. Kanban View – view and track the status of work more visually
  3. Files View – see and easily access all the files on your board
  4. Form View – easily create new items in a streamlined way
  5. Cards View – see important item details in a single visual display
  6. Dashboard View – Use widgets to create graphs, timelines & more

Helpful board view tips:

1.) Think about your end goal or objective before you try and change anything. What is the outcome you’re seeking by presenting data in this way?

2.) You have options! Explore the different views available, you may find some awesome ways to visualize your board’s data.

3.) Not every column is important all the time. You have the ability to filter boards in dozens of different ways, as well as the ability to “hide” columns when you don’t need them. Take advantage of this to streamline your board data consumption.

Learn more about dashboard/board views and how you can use them to your advantage here! → Board vs. Dashboard Views

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