Data Management

CarbonWeb offers different services that allow you to use the data collected through Google and different social media platforms. We also keep your data safe our own dedicated servers.

Hosting Info

At Carbon Web Print we offer several tiers of hosting. In all tiers of hosting we will manage your website domain and database. All hosting plans will be placed on our secured dedicated server run by a third party compnay. If there are any questions about our hosting packages please submit a request to the support team.

Hosting Plans

Let us help you choose a plan that best suits your company’s needs.

  • Tier 1
    • 3 GB of Storage
    • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • Tier 2
    • 5 GB of Storage
    • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • Tier 3
    • 10+ GB of Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth


We offer custom reports that allow you to determine the success of all of your digital marketing solutions. You can even receive them in line with your company’s performance evaluations!

Social Media Reports

Social Media reports help determine your overall outreach and influence on social media through keeping track of your page’s likes, followers, budgets, and much more.

Google Analytic Reports

Google Analytic reports allow you to evaluate the success of your website. With many options to choose from, these reports can display any data from your website analytics!

Custom Reports

Custom reports present any data from a .csv file in a stunning presentation that saves you the time and effort.

Website Analytics

CarbonWeb utilizes Google Analytics to help your company get to know your potential and current customers who visit your website.


Custom G Suite Emails

Company emails boost your credibility and professionalism when talking to potential clients.

SSL Certificate

At Carbon Web we believe that your website security is of the upmost importance. We offer SSL certificates so that your site can be secured on every visitors web browser. If you are interested in an SSL certificate please contact us today. If you have any further questions please see our Common Questions page.